Welcome to Arya Elessaril

Arya Elessaril is a Blood Elven roleplaying guild on the Earthen Ring EU server. We ONLY accepts Blood Elves among our ranks. Arya Elessaril was created by Lycheas Shera Auger the 17th January 2007. The Guild is a military organization and their main purpose is to defend the Blood Elven pilgrims on their way to Outland and await their Prince return.

Arya Elessaril is inspired by the Middle Ages Knights Templar.

How Arya Elessaril will develop and respond to the revelation of their beloved Princes true intentions (as revealed in Patch 2.4) is still unknown.

Arya Elessaril is the biggest Blood Elven only community on Earthen Ring. Members: Arya Guild Rooster


April 11:th 2008 - Arya Elessaril website online!